“I was born in the year of the horse

And in the month of the man-horse

So it is easy for me to run across a great field.”



    Why sculpt if you are a painter? Why paint if you are a sculptor?

Each experience wants its own expression. Illusionary space in painting is fine until you need real space and real form. The surface of the world is still magnificent to translate, but sometimes you need to reshape it to pursue truth from another direction.

    My first ceramic sculpture made after years of landscape painting had energy centered around the abdomen and chest. The figures grew out of ceramic bowls and had a mythic quality. The series ended with a consistent pewter glaze, as large as I could get in my kiln. With new experiences I needed larger work. My medium changed to plaster, plexi-glass and steel.  The energy changed, too, moving up to shoulders, head, and around the head like an aura.

   Sometimes there is a linear development in one’s work and sometimes the imagination just runs like a horse. Yet it is always connected in the hidden region of ourselves. Being part of the biography of existence.