Haddonfield Park, oil on paper

Haddonfield Park, oil on paper


“The land goes under the road so the idea of two sides is arbitrary.”                                                                                                 J.F.

  I was primarily painting landscapes for a few years. I would drive around on my motorcycle looking for, well, whatever I was looking for. I loved those drives. Whenever I found a location  I would drive back in my VW camper to paint. For a while I had a Vespa where I took the back seat off and fixed a box to hold paint and panels, and the lid lifted up to be an easel.

  I was drawn to coastlines and open skies and to the marshes along the Jersey shore. Clouds almost became the subject in paintings and poems alike. I always thought the landscape of South Jersey was polite in its flatness: it got out of the way so I could see the sky.

  Eventually I began to focus more on work in the studio with ceramic sculpture. I didn’t feel I had the luxury to continue those long drives and I felt a certain independence not being tied to the weather of cold and rain anymore. The landscapes on the website are samples of my past work.